Guardzilla Releases 360 Degree Outdoor All In One Security Camera

Guadzilla today announced the availability of their new Outdoor 360 Degree all in one security camera. The camera will deliver live HD Video in a 360 view. The camera will also feature automatic arming, night vision, a 90dB siren, and two-way communication.

“The Guardzilla 360 Outdoor/Indoor Camera changes the game on outdoor video security monitoring. Its 360-degree field-of-view is three times greater than typical security cameras, allowing users to monitor and protect their entire environment – not just one third of it – from their smartphone,” said Terry Bader, chief revenue office, Guardzilla. “It’s a simple-to-use, feature-rich solution ideal for almost any home or business seeking affordable, effective monitoring and security for their property, both outdoors and indoors.”

The camera is currently available at BestBuy for $199.99, the regular retail price is $229. Not sure how long this sale will last. I may grab one up to test out in my home in the Dominican Republic where I tested the Arlo system at. (Update  Best Buy Sale ends this weekend July 15th 2018)



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