Netgears Arlo Security System Getting new Features

Last month they announced a security light and today they have announced some new cool features that will make your ARLO cameras some of the best on the market.

New Features are:
Person Detection – Thanks to advanced AI and computer vision technology, your camera knows when it sees a person versus a tree, so you only get the alerts that matter.

e911 Emergency Call Service (US only) – Contact emergency responders near your home regardless of where you call from with your smartphone, so you can take care of home emergencies even if you’re miles away.

Rich Notifications – Motion detected? Check out the image of the Arlo
recording right from your smartphone’s lock screen.

Cloud Activity Zones – Use the Arlo app to highlight specific areas where you want motion to be detected. Your camera will ignore motion outside of these zones so you will only get the alerts you care most about.

For more on these features click here.


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