Review: iKeyp Smart Safe

With mothers day around the corner (May 13th 2018), I wanted to share a cool gift that any mom would love, and it won’t be something for her kitchen, it will be something just for her and keep her things safe, and if your mom is like my mom who forgets a lot, you won’t have to head over to her place especially if she is far away.

The iKeyp Smart Safe is a cool safe, that can be mounted on a wall or into a close with extendable wings, it can also be opened remotely from an app anywhere in the world. I have a huge gun safe with a compartment for documents etc. so this really wasn’t ideal for me but my mom popped into my head immediately when I first opened the box.

My mom loves to keep items in a safe especially her important documents and has had a regular fireproof safe for as far back as I could remember. The problem she has started to recently have is: she can’t remember the combination and well a post-it note taped to it really defeated the purpose of the safe.

When I took the safe to my mom, she thought I was nuts wanting to change her steel safe for a plastic safe, that to her looked like a fisher price toy.  But once I explained the benefits of the safe she was 100% game.

I set up the safe for her, and she was excited she remembered the code, and I went home. About a week later I am traveling in another country when my phone rings.

My Mom: “Michael I need my birth certificate, it’s in my safe I can’t open it”
Me: “Use the App, remember how to use it?”
My Mom: “No if I did I wouldn’t call your dumb ass”
Me: “What about the key”
My Mom: “I put them in the safe”
Me: “Well had you not….”
My Mom: “Shut up and open the safe like you said the magic of the internet could!”

After being insulted by my mom I opened the app on my phone and sure enough, she was able to get into the safe. I did have to instruct her to press one of the buttons on the safe so that it could connect to the internet but other than that only a 5-second delay between requesting the safe to be unlocked to the door opening. Had this been her other safe she would have had to wait a week for me to get back to NY to open it for her if she didn’t eventually remember the code or remember how to use the App.

Needless to say, that alone paid for the safe, as she needed her birth certificate that was being requested by her pension for whatever reason and a delay could have resulted in a missed payment.

While I like the safe, I do think it should connect automatically to the internet when it detects someone but hey it is still a great device and for the sub $150 price you can’t go wrong. Setup is super easy took me less than 5 minutes to get it connected to the internet, although I had dificulties with my iPhone it was much easier to set up with my mothers android device. But I think it’s more of an iOS issue than a device issue.

The App does need a lot of work. it requires too many steps to get opened, 5 to be exact. (4 in-app 1 on the device) This is why my mom was unable to get it to open. View the screenshots below.

Overall I love the safe and I recommend it for your mom or dad for Mothers and or Fathers day.

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