SiOnyx Aurora

The SiOnyx Aurora is the world’s first action camera with color night vision capability. View, record and live stream your adventures all day and night with the Aurora action camera. Its true color night vision enhances your personal safety and allows you to capture all the excitement in almost pitch black darkness. Allowing you to record all your adventures any time of the day.

SiOnyx Aurora will be on Kickstarter today April 20th and while I normally try not to promote Kickstarter programs, as I will admit I have been burned by them more than I’d like to admit, I’ve actually been able to play with a prototype of SiOnyx and it’s fantastic!

SiOnyx Auror features near military-grade night vision performance and captures moments in full color.  The silicon XQE CMOS sensor produces images 10x brighter than standard sensors using a technology that’s patent pending (unsure if they have received the patent as of posting).

The features built-in GPS positioning tools, hours of battery life and only weighs 8 ounces. I have been able to play with and I love what its capable of doing, and if the prototype is any indication of how great this product will be, it’s a product I won’t be afraid to back.

I’ve been asked by the creators not to share too much info on the device as what I have on hand is a prototype, and honestly, I agreed to their request because the quality of the product most likely will be 10 times better than what I have in hand, not that the prototype isn’t great because it is.

Visit to get more details and fund this product.


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