Stash Vault

I haven’t posted about this before, until today, but since around the 27th of March Stash the investment app has had a rather complicated game going on. I first noticed it when they tweeted about not being affiliated with some fake twitter account who claims to have bought them lunch.

Apparently, the game which I have tried to play but can’t get past level 6 is gathering somewhat of a cult following with a Reddit subgroup, and today Friday the 13th they are dropping a new clue!

“Are they releasing more puzzles, or does 4/13/2018 have some other greater significance? Friday the 13th… Alfred Mosher Butts birthday, the creator of Scrabble? (no) The day Tiger Woods won the Masters for the first time? (no) Is it even a date at all… 4,132,018—the number of buried unsold copies of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, one of the biggest commercial failures in video gaming history? (maybe..)” pulled from an email they sent out to bloggers/journalist.

Thousands of people have tested their luck, entering over half a million codes—while thousands more have sought answers in a subreddit. Who will beat the game? Who will take home $5,000?


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