Why I Probably Won’t Shop Online at Best Buy Again

This morning, my Lenovo Notebook failed to boot. It’s been having issues for the past year and a half and I knew she was on her last breath for some time. But because I adored my Lenovo notebook so much I stuck with her.

So I decided to replace my notebook with a new one. I purchased a Mac Book Air from Best Buy, they were on sale for $949.

Best Buy advertised the Mac Book AIr available in store, and available to pick up in 1 hour. Since I placed my order around 9:45 am, I figured my order would be available for pickup at 11 – 11:30 am. The store where I planned to pick it up from opened at 10.

I drove over to the store and sat in a Panera Bread for a quick Brunch expecting an email by the time I finished alerting me that I could pick up my new lovely notebook that I am typing on right now.

However at 12:30 pm no such luck, no email and literally 3 hours after my order and 2 hours after the deadline Best Buy advertised on their webpage.

So without any confirmation email saying I could pick up, I decided to enter the store and find out whats up.

The Best Buy Store Pickup Agent then gave me bad news. She said the Mac Book wasn’t available in her store and it was being shipped in and most likely would arrive the next day. I was surprised at this as Best Buy showed my item would be available for Pickup that very day and an hour after my order would be placed. (Gateway Brooklyn Location)

So I called Best Buy and honestly spoke to a rather condescending person on the other end. Maybe her morning coffee hadn’t kicked in, but she went on to tell me that the time displayed on the website and the order are ETA and as estimates aren’t guaranteed. Although the order confirmation page nor the email sent to me said anything about it being an Estimate.

So just before she hung up on me, I did feel she was ready too I spoke up and asked her if I could pick it up at another location that was available today. She let out a sigh and I bit my tongue and she said sure let me place you on hold.

Finally, she selected the pickup for another store only 3 miles away at Kings Plaza mall. I really dislike the mall, due to the horrible parking structure they have.

I head over to that store, ate some popeyes in the Mall, and 2 hours later when I did not receive that the item was ready for Pickup email, I went into the store and asked what’s up, worried that they did not have it either.

When I get to the young lady at the store pickup line, I tell her what happened and she began to search for the order in the system.

She says: “Hmm I don’t see it”

I began to get worried when she suddenly said “Oh it’s scheduled, let me call the bridge” I looked around for Capt. Kirk or Picard didn’t see them and gave her a funny look.

I then overheard her speaking to someone and when she was done she informed me to give it 15 more minutes. 15 minutes turned into 2 hours and another phone call to the mystical bridge and finally, I was able to pick up my new prized possession.

I like shopping at best buy, but after this experience, I doubt I will shop from them online again. At least I doubt I will use their in-store pickup again.

If this is common for Best Buy, then I can see the amount of anxious and disgruntled people who emerge on their store pickup agents.

Now that I am sitting at home, I should have just canceled the order once I knew it was in stock and just re-buy it. But that didn’t enter my head until just now.  DOH!


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