Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

Christmas is next week Monday and if you are like me, you still need a gift or two or four, so I compiled a list of 5 great tech gadgets that will fulfill your last minute shopping needs and stuff that Christmas stocking! Or you can do as my sister does, not shop at all and just give the person a picture and a gift card of what she wants them to buy. (I hate that)

First on the list is the Smart Walkie Talkie Onyx from Orion Labs. The walkie talkies are great and are a quick and easy way to keep in touch with friends, family, and co-workers provided they have one of their own. (Smartphone required) The walkie talkies which attach to your shirt, jacket or pretty much anything allows you to with a tap instantly communicate with people in your group no matter how far they are away. There is even a translator version of it in Beta (haven’t really figured out how to use it so can’t comment) but it supposedly works like a universal translator sorta a la star trek. The walkie talkies aren’t perfect they have minor bugs particularly in the companion app but nothing that will stop you from using it. I will personally be buying 2 sets more. They are great and I most likely will be purchasing more and the price of $129.99 isn’t that bad for a pair. Just an FYI the set of two comes with a gift box so you can gift one of the two to someone else. Onyx Smart Walkie Talkie is available for $159.99 on the Orion site. The Onyx Smart Walkie Talkie is available in 4 colors check them out below.

Number two on the list is the Keysmart Pro with Tile. The Keysmart Pro allows you to easily organize your keys, no more jingly of keys all your keys are in one spot. Plus with the Tile integration, you can use the Tile app to locate your keys. You will need a smartphone with Bluetooth for Tile to correctly work. I love mines, my keys take up less space in my pockets. The Keysmart Pro is available with Tile integration for $79.99 on amazon but every now and then it’s on sale for as low as $39.99. For those wondering the Keysmart Pro with Tile does come with a charging cable, so you won’t have to replace it every year like the original Tile.

Third on the list is a mobile charger and I have two to recommend:

The first from Mophie and it’s only available from T-Mobile as in its magenta splattered color. I am not a T-Mobile subscriber (I’m with Verizon) but this charger made the list because the wife loved it and the price isn’t that bad either at only $29.99, or if you are a T-mobile subscriber you can get it for $1.25 a month for 24 months billed to your T-Mobile bill.  With 3000 mAh, it should provide enough juice to recharge your phone at least once and or a wearable device two or three times depending on what the device is.

The second mobile charger I want to recommend is the one I recently reviewed from Lifeproof LifeActiv power pack, It’s an awesome charger for the adventure in your life and with 10,000 mAh should charge your phone at least twice. The Lifeproof LifeActiv Portable charger is available on Amazon for 52.45 (will go back up to $79.99 soon).

Fourth on the list, the Amazon Echo Dot 2nd generation and for a limited time they are $29.99 (so is the Google Home Mini) but I prefer and think you’ll enjoy the Amazon Echo Dot more so than the Google Mini, I have both and prefer Alexa.

With the Echo Dot you can talk to your home, even your television if you have a Sony 4K Television and or a Fire Stick. You can ask for information, set alarms and so much more. If you integrate it with Philips Hue you’ll be able to control your home lighting as well.

For a limited time the Echo Dot 2nd Gen is $29.99.

Fifth and last on the list is the LaMetric Time Wi-Fi Clock for Smart Home. I do not have one, but I have wanted one since I first saw it. It is a cool clock that shows you the weather, the time and other information on a cool digital display. It’s also available on Amazon for $199.00.

I hope our list of stocking stuffers, assisted you in finding a gift for your loved one. Enjoy your Christmas and have a great New Year!


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