2017 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, Festivus its gift-giving season! But regardless your faith or what you celebrate the holiday season is here and we are here to help you decide the best gift for that geek or geekette in your life.

So what made it onto our gift guide this year? Something for everyone I guarantee it.

First on the list, and one makes it every year is a Tablet and this year two made it, the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Both are equally as great in my opinion and I could not decide between the two as to which should be highlighted in this gift guide. So I decided to include both. It really just comes down to your preference of operating system. I prefer android, and like the included stylus included with the S3 but others will prefer the iPad. So ask whoever you’re getting the tablet for, what they like better. Apple or Android.


Galaxy-Note-8-OfficialNext on the list is a Cell Phone, and I know you are probably expecting me to say the iPhone X, and you’ll have to read the review on the iPhone X by John Obeto as to why the iPhone X isn’t on our list and the Samsung Note 8 is.

The Samsung Note 8 for me is one of the best phones on the market. The Note 8 features a 6.3″ screen, a front-facing 8MP camera and a dual 12 MP camera on the back, which can record 4K video. The phone is super fast, super stylish and just a great all around phone. I know I couldn’t make up my mind between the iPad and the Tab S3 for the tablet that would make it into this guide, but I was able to decide that the Note 8 will be the only phone in this guide. The Note 8 is available directly from Samsung, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, at&t and Sprint.  I would stay far away from Sprint…just a warning.

Don’t forget if you do get the Note 8 or even if you get an iPhone, make sure you protect it. Tech21, Otterbox all have great cases. If you love nice stylish cases, check out WUD Cases. 

A great accessory for your cellphone regardless of which phone you get is the Lifeproof LifeActiv portable charger. It’s a durable charger with more than enough juice to charge your new phone and or tablet.

516aLjM-qKL._SL1350_The next item to make our list is an item to secure your home, the Arlo Pro 2 by Netgear. I only was able to briefly check out before our gift guides deadline,  so no review yet but I will tell you right now. The Arlo Pro 2 is better than Nest Drop Cam, and it’s actually making me reconsider my love for Foscam. The App does need a little work, but the cameras, the ease of use is great. The features it has to offer and just an all-around high-quality product. Follow us on Twitter, or Like us on Facebook so you can be notified and check out our full review of the Arlo Pro 2 system once it’s up. You can find the Arlo Pro 2 at Best Buy (limited Quantities) and on Amazon.com.

71ZhZ6C-YnL._SL1000_Google Home will not be making this list, but Amazon Echo will. I have both, I use both, they do the same thing. Echo does some things better, and Google does some things better than Echo, but I yell out to Alexa more, so that is why Amazon Echo makes the list this year.

I think the reason I like Alexa so much more than my google home, is because it has a name. Yes that may sound dumb, but calling out to Alexa instead of Google just makes it a better experience, makes you feel as if you are speaking to someone, and that is how a home AI should make you feel.

The newly released Echo 2 comes in several colors and my Heather Gray Echo 2 looks great and looks good anywhere in your home.  The Echo 2 is available at BestBuy, Target, and Amazon of course.

For the ladies in your life, the iHome Reflect is a great mirror, Bluetooth speaker for any women or guy who may not have enough room on their vanity. The speakers quality is great and the mirror is one of the best I ever used my wife loves hers with a passion. Check out our review of it here.

A gift the entire family will enjoy, as well as your wallet, is a subscription to DirectTV Now. DirecTV Now is a great streaming service with loads of channels starting at only $35 a month. I have been using the Direct TV Now service for a little bit over a year now and as an early adopter who normally ditches something in a few months, I plan to stay with Direct TV Now forever. The picture quality is great, their customer service is great, the app needs a little work but the service is fantastic and a must-have this holiday season!

There is one more thing, I want to add to the list this year and this one is for the kids. It’s the 3D Doodler, and might I add if you are a big kid like me. You will enjoy it probably more than your kid’s will. create_pens-copy-copyI watched my wife’s sister who is 9 years old, playing with it and she was so entertained by it.

It also made her think and it became a group project as I and my wife and my Mother in Law all began to help her and give her suggestions on how she should make what she was making. She made some eyeglasses which a template in the instruction manual was included as well as a bracelet and chain which came from her own imagination. I made a phone case which lets just say wasn’t as good as her creations.

She actually celebrated each of her creations. I think it’s a great toy to help kids build their self-esteem, and use their imagination. The 3D Doodler which I tested with my sister in law is the 3D Doodler Create and starts at $99.99 but there are versions that start at $49.99 and even a pro version for $249.99. For more info visit the3doodler.com. A full review on the 3D Doodler Create will be coming soon.

If you add any iot devices to your network this year, may I recommend the Netgear Nighthawk X6S a great router extender that will be sure to keep your internet of things running smoothly!

Enjoy your holiday season!


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