Review: Netgear Nighthawk X6S AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Range Extender

If you live in a concrete jungle like I do, you have loads of WiFi interference all around you, from cement walls blocking your signal, to the 150 neighbors in your building who also have WiFi, or the old electrical wires in the walls of your 110-year-old building.

I have had issues with my internet for a while, and Optimum my internet provider once blamed my slow WiFi speeds on the other 80+ wifi signals near me, the rep even said their provided router was crap and suggested I get a better one. Which I have, the Netgear Nighthawk X6 R7900. It’s a great router but in my home, I have a ton of interference generated by neighbors etc. So I was in the need of an extender, and even considered a mesh network such as Orbi, but instead, I opted to try out the X6s.

When the X6s arrived I was excited but due to some wild events, getting stuck in the Dominican Republic during a hurricane, and then losing family in Hurricane Maria when it hit Puerto Rico, I really didn’t get a chance to try the Extender out until recently.

Key Technical Features of Nighthawk X6S:
• Extreme AC3000 WiFi speeds — for providing up to 3Gbps (1733+866+400)
• One WiFi Network Name(SSID) with Any Router — use the same name as your existing WiFi
network to enable devices to connect automatically to either the router or extender (mesh type network)
• Patented FastLane3 Technology — for providing a congestion-free path for your devices to
connect to the internet
• Smart Roaming — for intelligently connecting your mobile devices to the best available WiFi
for superior streaming as you move around your house
• Smart Connect — for intelligently selecting the optimal WiFi band for every device
• Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) — for simultaneous streaming of data to multiple devices
• Tri-Band Access Point — via Ethernet create a WiFi hotspot with your existing router or pre-wired
• Quad-core Processor — for boosting wireless and wired performance for better 4K streaming and
lag-free gaming
• Six High-Performance Antennas — for providing optimal performance
• Four Gigabit Ethernet Ports — for connecting wired devices
• ReadySHARE® USB Port — for connecting your USB printer to the USB 2.0 port
• WiFi Analytics App for Android™ devices — for optimizing your network status, signal strength,
and channel interference

So as with all new things, you have to set it up. How easy was set up? Easy enough my mom could do it. Yes, I tricked my mom into coming over and instead of begging her to do my laundry she set up the X6S. It’s like a new car, push-button start. Basically, press the WPS button on the extender and router and in less than 1 minute they are working seamlessly together. This was a huge plus for me, not that I dislike getting into the settings and changing things, but because most people aren’t like me who love to fiddle in the settings, most people just want it to work and Netgear made it “just work”.

After you get it to “just work” with your router, just unplug it and take it to some other location in your home, to extend your signal. I suggest someplace where your signal begins to drops.

You, of course, don’t have to use WPS and set it up any way you wish, you can even set it up as a router and connect it directly to your modem. It will work great either way.

Once the the X6S was set up, I tested it out the best way I could. I streamed Netflix to my Televison, DirectTV Now to my tablet, and watched videos on YouTube from my cell phone. I then ran a speed test.

As you can see from the above results, my speed were 104.99 Down and 40 Up. The speeds I pay for is 400 Down 40 Up. Which is excellent in my opinion for the amount of strain I was putting on the network.

The great speeds can be credited to the FastLane3 technology the X6S has.

FacstLane3 is a technology that includes tri-band AC3000 WiFi and additional 5 GHz radio for creating a dedicated WiFi connection from the Range Extender back to any existing router or ISP Gateway. This WiFi link provides speeds of up to 1.733 Gbps. Unlike dual or single band WiFi range extenders, this dedicated link maximizes the available internet speeds and improves overall network throughput to WiFi devices that are suffering from a weak connection.

The X6S also features One WiFi name which is best explained by calling it a MeshLike network. If you have Orbi, Google Wifi, Deco from TP-Link, you know what this is. To explain it quickly, just think of having multiple routers in your home all with the same SSID, and all of the routers connected to the same gateway.

The One WiFI feature is great because you don’t have to connect your devices to a new SSID, you’ll just use the same connection, and they will switch between your router and extender automatically without you even noticing. Netgear calls this smart roaming, but its not possible I don’t think without the One WiFi feature so for me it’s the same thing.

The X6S is a great router, and trust me if you need an extender you want this one. For more info visit 

The Netgear Nighthawk X6S Extender also gets our 4 Star Award.



  • Robert P says:

    I picked this up today after reading this review because of the whole push to start analogy. Spot on it was almost like that and it works great so far.

  • Julia Ramirez says:

    I bout this router after reading your review on Friday and was worried because of the price never bought something for my internet that was so expensive. But now Netflix works in my back rooms with no problem

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