Review: LIFEACTÍV Power Pack and Cable

I am not much of an adventurer unless you consider a trip to target while navigating the streets of NYC an adventure. But since I often am on the subway and with how bad the subway system has gotten, having a good portable charger is a must. It also has to be one that lasts, with a good cable. Because even though NYC isn’t a jungle, it can beat you up like one.

81fbk2CjAHL._SL1500_So while the LIFEACTIV is meant for those of you who hike, snowboard, trek the desert and climb mountains. It’s also perfect for those of us who dodge bike messengers, run after busses, and cramp into crowded trains. The LIFEACTIV is drop-proof, waterproof, dirtproof, and should charge your phone twice.

So how did I test the LIFEACTIV? Well, I being a 5’10 guy lifted my arm over my head and dropped it. After dropping it on my toe, and screaming like a girl, I switched the sandals for boots and tried again. This time I missed my foot altogether and after hearing a hollow thud, I realized I needed to stand on a step ladder and drop again for it to break. So I did just that.

I stood on the 3rd step of the step ladder with a grin on my face, imagining where the pieces would land after it shattered. I let go of the charger, it was as if everything went in slow motion. It was at my knee, then the top step of the ladder and BAM, disappointment, another hollow thud. I gave up. It was still perfect condition, just a minor unnoticeable scuff.

I then thought about throwing it out my 4th-floor window, just to see if it would survive, but I was more worried someone would steal it by the time I got downstairs if it didn’t break. So I scratched that idea.

The LIFEACTIVE also has a flashlight built in, with four modes. Dim white Light, Bright White Light, Red Light and Blinking Red light. Great for finding the keyhole in the middle of the night.

Before I get on with the review, I need to telly ou which phones and Tablets I used:

  1. Google Pixel XL
  2. iPhone 7 Plus
  3. Samsung Note 8
  4. iPad Air 2

Not to bore you and go into a ton of details, the LIFEACTIVE fully charged all my phones, and still had enough power to either fully charge another or partially charge it depending on which one. I took all phones to 10% of battery life before charging, the iPad AIR 2 was at 3% when I was able to fully charge it. Mind you in all instances charge remained on the LIFEACTIVE after fully charging a device.

For example, it would fully charge my Samsung Note 8 and Pixel XL. It would partial charge the iPad and iPhone 7 plus if I fully charged any device before either.

You also can purchase optional connector cables, which double as lanyards. Which I might add are pretty cool as well, they are waterproof and durable. I don’t see these cables going bad in 2 months like most cables do.

4Overall the LIFEACTIV is a MUST HAVE. You Must get one, it’s the only portable charger we will recommend this year and unless LifeProof comes out with a better-revamped version next year, I doubt we will recommend any portable charger as MUST HAVE next year either. 4 Stars from Mr. HardwareGeek.

The charger is available at and 



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