Review: Tech 21 Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

I am a fan of Tech21 cases, even though I had a bad experience with their Protective Shield, I am a huge Tech21 fan. Ever since I walked into a Best Buy and a Tech21 rep took my phone put it into one of their cases and flung it across the store. Well, he flung it about 15 feet, not across the entire store. But after nearly wanting to punch their rep out, seeing that my phone survived the horrible incident I have been a huge fan.

So I recently checked out the EVO Tactical, Evo Check and Pure Clear all great looking cases (although not as sexy as the WUD Cases) and all cases that deliver protection from drops and falls from 6 to 10 feet. The EVO cases will handle up to a 10-foot drop and the Pure clear just 6 feet.

All of the cases do not add any additional noticeable bulk or weight to your phone, too me the phone weighs the same with or without the case, and feel almost identical. I love the way they feel, my wife loves how they feel in fact she gave up her beautiful WUD case for the Pure Clear case because it protects better and the phone looks great in it.

The cases protect your phone well, I dropped my note 8 on the floor twice by accident (tossed onto the bed and it slid off) it survived without even a scratch.  In both instances, the phone was protected by the EVO Tactical.

All the cases are proven scientifically to protect your phone from multiple drops, and I have no problem just tossing the phone onto the floor just to freak my wife out.

I am going to see if I can get my hands on their EVO Wallet case, and review it as well. If you have an iPhone, John Obeto will be reviewing the Tech 21 cases for the iPhone 8 8 Plus and iPhone X so check back soon.

Overall the cases are fantastic and deserve 4 stars! I recommend if you are looking for a simple case that will protect your phone then Tech21 has the case for you. I have been a fan of theirs for years, from my misguided iPhone 6 days til now my Note 8 days. Tech 21 makes great cases and will give you peace of mind with your smartphone investment.

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