iPhone X Hit With a Thud

Figuratively, not literally.

iPhone X is new, slick, had glass fascia on both the front and back, and mungo expensive!

No one needs to tell you to protect your device.

Naturally, when one thinks of tank-like protection for a telephone, Otterbox comes to mind

Their Defender series cases have protected several of my personal devices in the distant past, and just about all of my kids’ devices for the past several years. They just work.

Based of the bloggorhead on the Interwebs, I realized I had to get a sturdy protective case for my iPhone X when it landed last Friday. However, I wanted to feel how the phone felt before getting a case.

It did feel somewhat naked without a case, so I drove off to the nearest store to obtain a case.

The available Otterbox Defender cases still looked too utilitarian – feel free to translate that as “fugly” – so I decided to go in another direction, and settled on the Otterbox Symmetry case.

Otterbox Symmetry Case for iPhone X

Unlike the Defender series, the Symmetry case is a single piece conformal plastic sheath with an enclosed closed back

I chose the Symmetry Clear Graphics case.

All required installation was slipping it on, and of I went.

Otterbox Symmetry In use

Easy peasy.

iPhone X, to me, is as flimsy as it gets.

There’s a point in the quest for ‘the thinnest <insert name here> where you start achieving diminishing returns.

iPhone X, I believe, is it.

It looks really good. However, it does not inspire confidence in its sturdiness.

A protective case is definitely required.

Moreover, the rumors are, it will cost upwards of 5 hundies to fix, if the glass is broken!

I wanted the Symmetry because it is an Otterbox, so the provenance is there.

I ended up liking it for the following:

  • It was easy to apply. Prior to inserting the phone into the case, I applied glass screen protectors to both the front and the back of the iPhone X. The phone then easily slid into the Symmetry case.
  • It is unobtrusive. Unlike the afore-mentioned Defender cases, Symmetry is made for in-pocket use.
  • It seems engineered to truly help protect the iPhone X. It has a beveled edge that is also raised in order to protect your phone. I like this a lot.

So far, all is good.

I am a lot more confident using this iPhone X as I did my earlier iPhone, while trying not to think a lot about the all-glass front and back of the phone.


Will the Otterbox Symmetry case provide shatterproof protection for iPhone X?

Are you crazy?

It’s a $1,149 phone!

I won’t try it.

The only way I would fling this device on the floor is if it were a review unit seeded to me by someone else. AKA, not my money!

I did try that drop test in the past, with iPhone 6+  and 7+, both with Otterbox Defender cases.

But no, not this time.

That said, the Otterbox Symmetry case is nice, affordable, pocket-friendly, looks good, modern, and is sturdily protective.

That confidence means a lot.

I readily recommend it.



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