Review: I love WUD

I was recently introduced, too WUD Cases, which are made in Virginia Beach Va and I have to say. I love WUD! The cases are beautiful, they are made with wood or rock, giving each case a unique look and feel.

For the first time, in all the years of owning cell phones. I actually want to change my case frequently. The cases are fun and look great.

We know the cases are beautiful, but will they protect your phone from falls? Well luckily for you I dropped my Wud case made with Rock onto the pavement as I exited my car. After I recovered from the heart attack brought on by watching a 1000 phone fall to the pavement, I checked the phone and was relieved, ecstatic even when I saw there wasn’t even a scratch on it.

The cases aren’t military grade cases, so don’t expect them to handle a huge drop, or protect your phone if thrown at you in a fit of rage by your loving wife. But for small drops, they perform well.

WUD Cases run from $20 – $60 depending on which you get, and obviously the prettier and cooler looking they are the pricier they become.

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