Review: ACCELL Ultra Av Display Port Adapter and USB-C to Display Port Cable

Over a month ago I got my hands on the UltraAV Mini DisplayPort adapter from ACCELL. Which came in handy for some old DELL Display port monitors I had.

I haven’t used the monitors for over 6 years and being that my Lenovo Thinkpad and my current desktop and Laptop only have Mini DisplayPort I never bothered to use them. So I was kind of anxious to try out the adapter and see if my monitors still worked.

Setup was super easy on both systems, just plug and play. No drivers or software to install. Both systems detected the UltraAV Mini Display Port adapter automatically and with a few clicks of the mouse I was up and running in less than 5 minutes with 3 monitors. I was impressed, only bad thing I wasn’t able to enjoy it because I had to head to Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Maria. But I have been using it since getting back last week, and it works flawlessly. With other similar adapters, I would often have to reboot the system after it hibernated to get the monitors to display correctly. But the ACCELL adapter works flawlessly. I really dig it.

I also have the USB-C to Display Port cable and it worked great with both my Pixel XL and Samsung Note 8. Great way to get duplicate your phone’s screen when working from it.

Both the cable and the display port adapter are available at




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