Review: Tech21 Impact Shield for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

I am updating this post. Below you will find the original and bad review.

Back in November, I had the chance to try out for the first time the Tech21 Impact Shield for my Note 8, and I was furious at how difficult it was to put on. I watched the video and followed the instructions but I just didn’t get it right, I ended up frustrated, crumpled up the shield and threw it out the window.

Tech21 asked that I give it another shot, and I did.

Now I won’t lie and say it was easier to install and I was an idiot. The shield is one of the most difficult shields I ever installed, but I got it done. Does the happy dance It’s 13 step process might even drive you crazy. So if you buy one which I recommend you do let Best Buy, or where ever you buy this shield to install it. Most will fix any errors without charging you for another if they mess up the install.

Once you have the shield installed you really won’t notice it. The feel of the phone when tapping does feel a little different but nothing you won’t get used too.

So how well does the shield protect your phone? I just got it installed so I can’t answer what day to day use will be like, but I did drop by keys onto the screen, and no scratches or scuffs. I didn’t want to run a nail over it as it’s the only one I have and don’t want to damage it.

The Tech 21 Impact Shields are available at BestBuy, Verizon Stores and of course at



===ORIGINAL REVIEW I’ve Changed my mind it’s great!====


We all want to protect our investment in a new cell phone, especially one that cost nearly 1000 dollars. So we buy a case and we buy a screen protector like the Impact Shield by Tech21.

The Impact Shield for the Note 8 comes with a squeegee so you can clean your screen and an attachment applicator so you can supposedly easily install the protector.

The squeegee sucked, it left particles on the screen, I ended up using a paper towel. The applicator fit the phone well, but it did little to assist in applying the protector. The applicator just interfered and didn’t assist me at all it actually covered too much of the screen and the protector wouldn’t lay flush. I got so fed up with the application process I crumpled the protector and threw it on the floor. I don’t recall ever getting so mad in my life, not even when an ex gf broke up with me have I been so upset.

Maybe it was user error, maybe I got a bad protector I do not know, but I do know it was surely frustrating. I kinda wish I didn’t crumple it to try again. But hey I did $40 bucks down the drain.

The Tech 21 Impact Shields are available at BestBuy, Verizon Stores and of course at


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