Lets Watch TV Outside

I recently purchased a condo in the Dominican Republic and I have access to a roof all to myself. I was thinking of installing a projector and using one of the walls to project onto. But then I get a press release from SunBriteTV.

SunBriteTV’s are specially built to withstand the rigors of the outdoors in all kinds of weather without compromising image quality. Screens that are up to 3 times brighter than a standard indoor screen deliver an outstanding viewing experience any time of day or night. Every SunBriteTV set features a watertight cable entry system to prevent dust, water or other particulate matter from getting trapped inside the TV, so no need for anxiety when it comes time to turn the leaf blower on!

The TVs appear to be similar to those outdoor displays you find around NYC at bus stops and at the LinkNYC booths. They are just more stylish. I will see if I can get one for my place and if I do will write a review, that is if the wife will agree to the $1500 price tag. I also just need to make sure, they will withstand the 90+ degree year round weather and humidity. But from the info I have read they should.

SunBriteTVs start at just $1,499 for the 4K UHD 43-inch model, the new Veranda series offers affordable true outdoor TVs.

Follow SunBriteTV on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SunBriteTV and you can get more info from http://www.sunbritetv.com


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