Goodbye AIM!

Today it was announced by AOL that they will be shutting down their AOL Instant Messenger service, better known as AIM. Quite honestly effective December 15th, 2017. I am surprised AIM is still around, considering that it’s been around since before I was in High School in the mid 90’s.

I remember using it, I was on it, everyone was on it, and the funny thing was if someone told you to hit them up on AIM, you sometimes had to wait hours for them to log in as there was no way to leave a message, you could have always emailed.

AIM went hand and hand with the AOL Chat Rooms. It was the private message box. If you were a constant user you most likely knew what your friend’s online schedules were, and if they were a minute late to sign on, you began to panic.

So it was nice knowing you AIM, your reverence went the way of myspace.

For more information visit the FAQ AOL set up.


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