Review Solo Sag Harbor15.6″ Briefcase

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a laptop bag/briefcase or whatever you may want to call it, but I am a huge fan of Solo so this review may be a little biased.

My first solo bag was the Solo Urban backpack/briefcase. It looked great and I used it for years until US Customs and Border patrol probed it and poked a hole in it and that hole just grew and grew and grew until I just had to replace it. Sadly it never got replaced. Until about 2 years later when I got the Solo Sag Harbor.

The Solo Sag Harbor Briefcase is gorgeous, but often times when you get something simply because it looks great you are let down somehow, someway. So I looked hard, I looked for something to complain about. However, I couldn’t find a thing to complain about.

I am a pocket addict, I want a pocket for everything and the Sag Harbor has pockets for everything. There is a pocket for your tablet/e-reader, your laptop obviously, for pens, for business cards and even a hook for your keys.

The bag is built to last, it’s sturdy and tough. I have traveled to Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and I have roamed the streets of NYC with it, and it’s survived the trips, survived being tossed into the trunk of various cars, into the overhead bins and under the seats of various airplanes and while I have broken it in, it still looks new. It still looks as if I just got it.

SOLO has been making bags for over a century, I had no idea they have been in business for so long, but the quality of the bag and other bags I have owned of theirs shows me they know how to make a durable quality stylish bag.

Full Specs:

  • Dimensions: 16″ x 5.75″ x 11.5″
  • Interior: tartan plaid cloth lining; padded compartment for up to a 15” laptop; iPad or tablet pocket; zippered organizer pocket with key clip at front
  • Exterior: gunmetal hardware; back panel slides over luggage handle; zippered pocket at back; side pockets
  • Handle: removable, adjustable shoulder strap; carrying handles
  • Weight: 2.45lbs.

The Solo Sag Harbor Briefcase is great and if you need a laptop bag, check this one out The Sag Harbor line of bags are available at


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