Light Up the Party and Make the Beat Drop with the Sony SRS-XB30 Bluetooth Speaker

I don’t ever recall starting a review with “YOU MUST BUY THIS”  in all the reviews I’ve written in the past 15 years. That is until now. “YOU MUST BUY THIS Sony XB30 SPEAKER!” I’ve literally been blown away by the Sony SRS-XB30 Bluetooth Speaker. The sound quality it delivers is by far the best I’ve heard from any speaker priced under $200, and the bass it produces just makes your body tingle with pleasure.  Just check the short video below, and yes I do need a better camera.

The video does not do the sound quality generated by the speaker justice, but the quality of sound, the bass produced especially with the EXTRA BASS button enabled, is fantastic. Please trust me on that. While the video may not do the sound justice, the video does let you see how beautiful and fun the speaker is.

The lights are a great add-on, it just makes the speaker fun and your party will be more fun. The lights can be turned off by pressing and holding the Extra Bass button which comes in Handy if you always have it turned on like I do. You can also control the lights and other features via the Sony Song Pal app, more on that a little later.

What’s also cool about the XB30 is you can connect up to 10 other speakers to create a chain. I was unable to test this feature but it makes me want to get 2 more just to use them in my backyard. Well, not a real backyard it’s a roof with fake grass and plants, and throughout my apartment. As the Amazon Alexa synchronization sucks. For those wondering it does have an AUX Port if you want to connect your Amazon Alexa that way, especially since some 1st gen echo dots have bt issues. Just a note the speaker chain only works with the following speakers: SRS-XB20 SRS-XB30SRS-XB40

You can also use the XB30 as a speakerphone, sound quality was good however the person I was speaking to kept saying they could barely hear me, even when I was right next to the speaker. But it could have been their connection as another person heard me perfectly fine. Just make sure you turn off Extra Bass as with it enabled the call will sound muffled.

The Song Play app also allows you to control the speaker from your phone. From raising and lowering the volume, adjusting the illumination settings. There are 12 light settings to choose from. You can easily, link multiple speakers, connect your phone and more. The app isn’t glamorous, but it’s well made and works as it should. I normally don’t like to install apps for my speakers, because most of the time their junk. But Sony kept the Song Play app basic and straightforward, so it works for me. (Update: I dislike that the app auto launches when the Phone connects to the Speaker) Check out the screens below.

The speaker also works well with Google Assistant and Siri, you just have to tap the phone button on the speaker. It worked fine with Android, I was unable to test with Siri.

Currently, I am using my XB30 connected to my Amazon Alexa and plugged into the power outlet, but I do take her into the backyard and the battery has lasted 4 and a half hours blasting music and making my neighbors hate me.

The speaker also has NFC Support, meaning you can simply tap your NFC enabled device to pair the two together. I could only get it to work when I had the Song Play app installed. (may have been user error)

The XB30 is available at BestBuy for $149.99 or on Amazon for $148 ($79 refurbished) and is available in Black, Red, Grey and Blue. If I were you, and needed a Bluetooth Speaker I would look no further and just get this one. Again as I said at the start of this review, it’s the best speaker sub $250. I highly recommend it!



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