Getac F110 Fully Rugged Announced

Today Getac announced its new F1100 Fully Rugged tablet which features an 11.6-inch screen, the Intel Kaby Lake processor, Intel’s HD Graphics 620, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2 and a hot-swappable battery design, users can expect to experience maximum mobile performance.

“The F110 rugged tablet offers the perfect combination of performance, size, weight, security, and ruggedness, which is why it continues to be one of Getac’s best-selling mobile devices,” said Scott Shainman, president of Getac. “Our newest generation continues the tradition by becoming even faster and more secure.”

The Getac F110 tablet is MIL-STD810G and IP65-certified to survive drops up to four feet and endures rain, moisture, vibrations, shock and extreme temperatures from -5.8°F to 140°F (operating temperature) and -60°F to 160°F (storage temperature).

The F110 also has vehicle docks available from Gamber-Johnson and Havis that allow simultaneous connection to high-gain WWAN, WLAN and GPS roof-mounted antennas. Optional Discrete GPS (with GLONASS option) provides high-performance location awareness.

The Basic F110-G4 will have a starting price of $2,099 with the Intel i5-7200U and Intel 620 HD Graphics 4GB DDR2 memory and a 128 SSD Drive.

The F110-G4 is configurable, and you’ll have the ability to select 1 of 4 Intel processors, the i7-7500U, i7-7600U, i5-7200U and the i5-7300U. The base memory is 4GB but it is expandable to 16GB. You can also get a multi-touch touchscreen and a Front facing camera with Facial Recognition.  There are various configurations for the F110-G4.

The F110-G4 will also be available with LTE, and built-in dedicated GPS.

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