Review: Monster SuperStar HotShot

About a month ago I was able to get my hands on the Monster SuperStar HotShot, and I believe I have put it through hell and it’s still working like a SuperStar!

First, let me start by filling you on the specs of this amazing sounding Bluetooth speaker. Its NFC Capable, meaning you can just tap your phone to the bottom of the speaker for it to pair, obviously you will need an NFC enabled phone for it to work. It also works as a speakerphone, and although Monster doesn’t seem to mention its battery life in its materials it lasted four hours continuously playing music, and up to two days if it’s simply paired to my amazon echo dot with not much use. But again since this is the battery we are talking about your mileage may vary.

The speakers sound quality is amazing, I have an older beats Pill and a Bose SoundLink mini, and the SuperStar somewhat outperformed the beats pill and was almost as good as the Soundlink. The amount of bass produced by the Supershot also was amazing. It was all around quality sound. (For me the sound was a lot better when the speaker laid flat than when it was upright)

At the start of the review, I mentioned how I put the speaker through hell. Well, I took it with me to the Dominican Republic and while there Hurricane Irma hit. The town I was in near Puerto Plata was hit pretty bad and I needed to get out of there ASAP. I clipped the speaker to my backpack and walked 12 miles to the next town in order to get a transport to Santo Domingo. I needed motivation and “Despasito” was it for me. The speaker got banged up, wet and dropped, but the entire time she kept playing. The sound did begin to fade after it got wet.

I was a bit disappointed that the sound wasn’t that great after being banged up, but hey it’s not meant for those types of conditions or treatment. So I don’t blame the device for that, more my fault than anything.

Once I got to Santo Domingo to the house, my wife put the speaker to charge next to our Echo Dot, and a day or so later might have been two we decided to listen to some music…and maybe it just needed to dry but the speaker sounded like it did the very first day we got it.

Overall the speaker is great, it looks great, it doesn’t take up too much space, its battery gives you a fair amount of juice and as I learned its a bit durable. So it’s a great little speaker to have especially with the sub $50 price point it has.

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