Smarthalo Now in Stock

About two years ago I bought a Schwinn City Series bike, it was the perfect bike for me. But just like everything else that I buy. I wanted to make it smarter, if I could I would install an amazon echo on it.  But there really wasn’t anything

But there really wasn’t anything available to make my bike a smart bike, aside from locks that had GPS built in among other things. But then I saw SmartHalo and I really wanted one. But too bad for me and them, it was on Kickstarter and I was scared to back them, after being burned by Kickstarter programs in the past.

But two years later, SmartHalo is now available for sale at

SmartHalo turns your bike into a smartbike, by linking it to your smartphone. It will provide turn by turn directions, track your biking activity, and protect you from bike thieves among other things.

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