TODAY ONLY: Flash Sale on Amazon: Best-Selling Vaux, first battery-powered portable speaker for Amazon Echo Dot on Sale for 20% off

Todays deal of the day comes from Amazon, and if you have an echo dot, you are in for a steal!

The Vaux, battery powered speaker for Amazon Echo dot, will  be able to purchase for only $39.99 (20 percent off the regular price of $49.99) at:

Perfect for Back to School or to get your Holiday shopping started early, this product was created exclusively for the Dot and with its easy plug-and-play set-up, users simply pop their Dot into the top of the Vaux, plug in the internal connectors and now don’t have to worry about being near an electrical outlet. Tunes can jam through a more powerful speaker from anywhere in the house and Alexa can easily move from room to room.

Vaux comes in two colors to match the Dot, Carbon and Ash, enabling consumers to “dress up” their Amazon product and have it seamlessly blend in with their home environment – Turning a tech product into a beautiful home accessory.


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