Beauty and the Beat iHome Vanity Reflect

I’m a guy, I don’t sit down at a vanity putting makeup on so when I thought about doing this review back in July, I didn’t know where to start. Then I realized the answer was lying in bed next to me…my wife.

So I invite the wife into the office, show her the iHome Vanity Reflect and the first thing she says to me “we need to go to IKEA!” 2 hours, a banged up nail, sweaty t-shirt and 160 bucks later my bed room had less space, my wife had a vanity and I was regretting my decision. So I took a nap.

Not even 15 minutes after I dozed off, I’m awakened by loud music I begin to think that my wife put our Amazon Echo to play some music, but she was actually using the iHome Reflect to play the music. The sound was pretty good, actually, it was great sounding. I was just happy she decided to move the mirror into the living room in an attempt not to disturb me.

One thing I noticed when playing music on small speakers, is you often hear popping sounds with the beat. Didn’t experience that with the Reflect. It actually played the music beautifully.

My wife also loved the mirror itself. When compared to the other mirror we had in our home. It was like HD quality. You could see more colors and details in the mirror on the iHome Reflect than our regular wall mirror. The LED lights around the mirror also helped when she applied makeup. Just an FYI honey since I know you will be reading this, you’re beautiful without makeup!

Overall the iHome Vanity reflect is great. The sound quality is awesome, the mirror is of high quality! Worth the $79.99.

Features of the iCVBT2 Vanity Mirror:

  • 7″ x 9″ flat panel mirror
  • Mirror accent LED lighting
  • Distortion free mirror
  • Bluetooth audio with speakerphone
  • Built in mic supports Siri or Google Now voice assistant
  • 1 Amp USB charging port for mobile devices
  • 100V-240V universal AC adaptor and cleaning cloth included
  • Weight: 1.61 lbs/0.73 kg
  • Available in Black and White

The iCVBT2 Vanity Mirror is available for purchase online and in-store at Bed, Bath and Beyond and for $79.99.


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