Time to Visit Vegas Again! Thanks too Zero Latency

I was a constant visitor to Vegas for two reasons, the Star Trek Experience (which has gone the way of the dinosaurs) and CES, which I stopped attending a few years ago.

But now there is a new reason to visit Vegas! Zero Latency and MGM Grand Hotel and Casinos will be launching on September 8th a location-based multi-player free roam VR Experience.

Teams can choose from three different games for a 30-minute experience, depending on what kind of adventure they seek.

  • Zombie Survival – The team is trapped in a zombie apocalypse, with the undead lurking around every corner ready to attack. Armed with a comprehensive arsenal of weapons, survivors must band together to take down wave after wave of zombies and rebuild safety barriers before extraction by the rescue team.
  • Singularity – Something has gone wrong in a secretive military research space station. While investigating the mystery, teams must battle rogue robots and killer drones through narrow corridors and the zero-gravity environment of space.
  • Engineerium – This puzzle adventure is set in a fantastical world with flying whales, giant parrots and colorful creatures. Players of all ages are challenged to solve physics-based problems as a team to advance along floating platforms high above the exotic planet below.

Reservations to experience Virtual Reality Powered by Zero Latency at LEVEL UP inside MGM Grand will be available starting September 8. VisitMGM Grand online for more information.


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