Monster and Speak Music Debut MonsterTalk

Monster Products, and Speak Music Inc today announced the launch of what’s being called the worlds first voice-powered premium headphones. Which means you can talk to your headphones and tell them what type of music to play, and they will play them. Makes me think of a portable wearable amazon echo.

You can also tell your headphones to access iHeartRadio, Spotify Premium, NPR news briefs, as well as iTunes local music. Now included in the new MonsterTalk. Tidal is also coming soon to the list of music services you’ll be able to control.

As a New Yorker who now and then rides the subway, and has seen the snatch and grab of phones that occures, MonsterTalk is sure to take a bite out of crime.

“We are pleased to be able to couple Melody’s voice-activated music assistant with Monster’s array of high-end audio products, bringing an innovative listening experience to market with a forward looking pioneer,” said Mark Anderson, CEO and Co-Founder of Speak Music. “We believe that consumers want personalized experiences that don’t disrupt their activities and through this partnership we are able to offer multi-tasking music lovers the best of both worlds – an expansive selection of audio entertainment and extreme ease-of-use in high-quality products.”

MonsterTalk is available on Monster’s top of the line Elements headphones, the popular Clarity HD  line and the critically-acclaimed iSport Freedom V2  fitness model. 


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