America Loves The Poop Emoji

I fell in love with it when it was first introduced, even though it’s supposedly chocolate ice cream I still think of it as Poop, and well the rest of the US is in agreement poop is cool!

There are now over 800 emojis to choose from, ranging from the classic smiley face to flamenco dancers, spaceships and entire buffet of food… but which is the most popular? used Google search data to find out…

  • It’s official: America loves poop. Everyone’s favorite smiling doody tops searches in Arizona, New Jersey, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming
  • Something funny is going down in Alabama, North Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia, with all four states searching for the laughing emoji most
  • Meanwhile, the hopeless romantics of California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington are searching for the heart emoji
  • The rest of the country is divided. Residents of Idaho, Missouri and Virginia have an unusual fixation on the eggplant emoji, while the happy folks ofRhode Island, Tennessee and Alaska prefer the classic smiley face
  • People in Illinois, Mississippi and Vermont are feeling equally good, opting for the 100 emoji
  • Things aren’t so rosy in Arkansas, Delaware and Pennsylvania though, with residents searching for the crying emoji most


To see what your favorite states emoji is click here.


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