Why I Ditched Nest Cameras (Dropcam) for Foscam

The original Dropcam. Newer models look 100 times better.

I have been a Dropcam user before Nest bought them, my very first Dropcam was that white small one which if I am not mistaken was made by AXIS. I have been loyal since the start. I have had a total of 8 cameras with 2 of those being the pro version.

However, as much as I loved my Dropcams the fact that I had to pay for their recording service, wasn’t something I wanted to do. Then they started to just die on me. (Mind you my original white drop cam still works just not supported by the service). It seemed that after 2 to 3 years they would just stop wanting to connect to my wifi network. I could still get them to setup when connecting them to my computer, but they simply would not connect to the network once plugged in.

So there I was, with an easy to set up camera system, that didn’t record and cameras that were going bad. I needed a solution, and I needed one fast. I had just bought a rental property in the Dominican Republic I also wanted to keep an eye on.

That is when I discovered Foscam. They offered a similar pay for recording service like Dropcam does but gives you the option to record to an SD card or networked drive. They have similarly designed cameras, in more variations. They have indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, cameras that tilt and pan, more options overall when compared to Dropcam.

You also get to access more admin features for the camera via your web browser and their app. Foscam is definitely designed more for the pro in mind, but with the easy to setup features that Dropcam offers as well. Did I mention half the price?

While I haven’t had my Foscam Cameras for long, they seem to be of great quality, and the picture quality is as good as the screen you play them on.

My only dislike with Foscam is the App when recording it sometimes appears that the video is paused or lagging. However, when watching the recording it’s not.

The lag between my Dropcam cameras and Foscam cameras are the same and really dependent on your network.

So before you go out and spend a fortune on Dropcam, consider other options like Foscam. You can find Foscam at Amazon and other major retailers. Haven’t seen them at BestBuy though.

By the way a lot of blog post out there, and I will admit even I have written a post on products I have received for free. I received my first 2 Dropcams free, I have purchased all of my Foscam cameras.



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