Honeywell Announces Google Home Integration to its Smart Home Products

Honeywell (Ticker: [stock_quote symbol=”NYSE:HON” show=”” decimals=”” number_format=”” template=”” nolink=”” class=””]) is announcing today its latest integration with Google Home. With this integration, Honeywell Lyric is now the only thermostat brand in the U.S. to be fully integrated with all major smart hubs, including Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT and Google Assistant. This is perfect for consumers who aren’t willing to stick with just one smart hub over time as they’ll be able to sync their thermostat regardless of which device they’d like to use.

Now, consumers who own a Google Home can use a few simple words, like “Ok Google…” to adjust their home’s temperature and comfort with a LyricTM or Total Connect Comfort thermostat. In addition to Google Home voice control, consumers can control their Honeywell thermostats with Google Assistant on Google/Android devices, using a number of different commands. For example, if you’ve worked up a sweat on your commute home, you can ask Google Assistant to adjust the temperature to ensure a cooler home when you walk in the door.


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