Review: Logitech Doodles Sneaker Head Mouse

Back in June Logitech (Ticker: [stock_quote symbol=”LOGI” show=”” decimals=”” number_format=”” template=”” nolink=”” class=””]) announced its 2017 Doodle Collection.  I was lucky enough to get the Sneaker Head doodle to check out. As I am a wanna be sneaker head with my 4 pair Jordan Collection. (No I don’t spend thousands on sneakers nor do I wake up early to stand in line for them when released)

So I have had the mouse a little over a month, it’s traveled around the US and to the Dominican Republic with me, it’s been on planes, trains, and automobiles, and it’s been used in them all. It’s mostly been used in my home but you get the idea.

The mouse is a great size for those of us who are always on the go, I actually stuck it in my pocket when I boarded my flights so that I didn’t have to dig in the overhead bin for it.

When using the mouse, it is very responsive and very comfortable in the hand. The only down side I noticed when using the mouse, it didn’t seem to work on shiny surfaces. I had a white table where the mouse wouldn’t work, but another white table that wasn’t as shiny and it worked fine. My guess is the laser wasn’t reflecting correctly on the shinier surface. But that was easily fixed, I just used a mouse pad.

The mouse is great for travel. My laptop and the mouse both fit great on tray tables on planes and trains. I prefer a mouse to the touchpad as using a mouse is more accurate.

Overall the mouse is great for those who travel a lot. Great for those in school who take a laptop with them to class. Using a mouse over the touchpad is the way to go.

We rate it 4 out of 5 Stars!


The Logitech Doodle collection is available for $29.99 over on the Logitech Site.


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