Hisense Adds TikiLIVE, XUMO and iTalkBB to its Smart TV Roster

Hisense, one of the largest budget TV brands in the world, today announced their Smart TV platform has added Qview and three new live content providers, designed to bring consumers back to the living room.

The addition of TikiLiveXUMO and iTalkBB to Hisense’s extensive app library takes live, cord-cutting viewing experiences to the next level, and offers even more reasons to enjoy TV this summer.

TikiLIVE offers premium TV channels, video on demand (VOD) and commercial-free music stations to millions of its members per month. TikiLIVE delivers a robust, cable-like experience without the high-price, disadvantages or long-term contracts. With more than 200 channels and thousands of episodes of VODs, the platform features a wide variety of live premium programing that includes sports, news, drama, lifestyle, travel, comedy and indie productions that can be easily surfed using TikiLIVE’s Programming Guide.

XUMO is a one-stop destination for free, live and on-demand streaming entertainment. With over 100 different channels to choose from, XUMO features a wide variety of genres, including music channels, breaking news, epic fails, stand-up comedy, sports news coverage and more. The application allows consumers to live stream channels and shows or watch popular videos on-demand. Most importantly, XUMO offers a premium lineup of channels not otherwise found in cable.

iTalkBB is one of the most popular brands in the North American Chinese TV market, providing users with high-quality TV services, including live channels like CCTV, Phoenix and ETTV; thousands of series, shows, movies and much more. With free VOD and DVR features, Hisense users will now be able record all their favorite iTalkBB shows with ease.

Qview, Hisense’s proprietary media sharing application, can be downloaded on Android or IOS mobile devices and enables watchers to view photos and videos on a Hisense 43″ or larger TV display. Unlike other second screen sharing applications, Hisense’s Qview makes sharing photos and videos more convenient by allowing up to 10 connected users to take turns sharing and displaying content from mobile or tablet devices on their TVs.


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