DirecTVNow Adds 72 Hour Rewind

DirecTVNow has added 72-hour rewind as a feature giving its users a feature that SlingTV has had for some time. (Bias I am a previous SlingTV Subscriber and Current DirecTVNow Subscriber)

The new feature will allow you to watch shows up to 72 hours in the past, but won’t allow you to rewind, at least it didn’t let me rewind. Please let me know if you can rewind and I will update the article, also let me know how to do it as I couldn’t figure it out if it is indeed available.

To try out the feature follow the steps below.

1. Go to the Home screen.
2. Select the Guide.
3. Find a channel with either a clock or an arrow icon. These channels offer 72 Hour Rewind.
4. Select the Channel you want from those offering 72 Hour Rewind.
5. Select the Clock icon for a list of shows available on playback (arrow for Apple device).






I love the new feature, it makes my HULU Subscription officially useless and that will allow me to say $12 dollars a month.

To subscribe to DirecTVNow visit here.


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