Sandman Doppler: The USB Charging Smart Alarm Clock

As many of you already know, especially if you’ve have been following HardareGeeks since 2001 like I have, you will know I am not a huge fan of crowdfunding however, every now and then one item sparks my interest and the Sandman Dopper is one of those products.

They have taken the streamlined design of the original Sandman Clock that eliminated messy cords and added amazing features including:

• Amazon Alexa integration, stereo speakers, and wi-fi/Bluetooth connectivity
• Easy to read digital interface that can display traffic, weather, and more
• 6 USB ports with sleek cable management that allow you to charge all of your devices
• Customizable buttons that integrate with apps like Spotify, Nest, Pandora, Lyft and other smart home apps

They are launching their Kickstarter campaign on June 19th and we want to give you and the audience of CuteGeek an exclusive look at the Sandman Doppler before our campaign goes live. To see all of the Doppler’s features and get access to our pre-launch page, please click here


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