Snakebyte Announces New Gaming Hardware for PC

Snakebyte today announced some cool new mice and keyboards for gaming, and they are all on display at E3 if you’re lucky enough to be there to try them out.

Expected to begin shipping in Summer 2017, snakebyte offers a fresh ‘no-nonsense’ approach to PC gaming, focusing on keyboards, mice and mouse pads only; essential products in any PC gamer’s arsenal. Designed to speak clearly to the gamer, the range offers concise price points and feature sets, making it easy for gamers of all abilities to choose the product right for their needs.

Products in the range include:

  • PC Gaming Mouse:

With looks and build quality of a mouse costing substantially more, the PC Gaming Mouse is the ideal entry to the world of performance gaming. Featuring a SP168A optical sensor and 4 DPI settings, the PC Gaming Mouse features LED lighting and soft-touch rubber coating for extended gaming sessions

  • PC Gaming Mouse Pro:

Offering a clear step up in performance, the PC Gaming Mouse Pro is ideal for more advanced gamers and features the popular Avago 2050 optical gaming sensor delivering tried-and-tested performance. With four individual DPI settings and seven ergonomic mouse buttons, the PC Gaming Mouse Pro also features seven color LED lighting and a rubber coated mouse wheel

  • PC Gaming Keyboard:

Quality tested to 10,000,000 key strokes, the PC Gaming Keyboard has been designed to never let you down when it matters the most. Large 104 key playing area provides stress free play and 19 key anti-ghosting puts the gamer firmly in control. Three color LED back-lighting ensures that the PC Gaming Keyboard looks as good in the dark as it does in the light!

  • PC Gaming Keyboard Pro:

With an aluminum top cover and laser etched key caps, the PC Gaming Keyboard Pro looks, feels and performs with exceptional style. Designed to offer an authentic mechanical feel, the back lit RGB keypad offers a lifetime of reliability and gaming service

  • PC Gaming Keyboard Ultra:

Featuring true Otemu Blue mechanical keys, the PC Gaming Keyboard Ultra delivers exceptional performance ideal for tournament play. Tested to 50,000,000 key strokes the mechanical keys feature full anti-ghosting and the fully customizable RGB lighting combined with 18 pre-programmed lighting effects provide endless possibilities to customize your backlighting. Complete with rubber coated hand wrest and aluminum top cover

  • PC Gaming MousePad:

The PC Gaming MousePad delivers a professional neoprene surface offering exceptional grip and traction. Measuring 35cm x 28cm, the PC Gaming MousePad features sewn off edges and an easy glide non low-friction surface

  • PC Gaming Mousepad Pro:

Ideal for more elaborate gaming rigs, the PC Gaming MousePad Pro features an oversized 80cm x 30cm gaming surface, perfect for complex gaming and sweeping mouse movements. Features sewn off edges and an easy glide non low-friction surface

“PC gaming continues to rise in popularity and gamers of all abilities recognise the value that dedicated gaming hardware adds to their gaming experience. We’re pleased to introduce a range of products which we believe delivers impressive specifications at truly remarkable price points,” said Nick Repenning, CEO for snakebyte USA. “PC gaming hardware can prove daunting for the consumer, faced with elaborately named product that can cost the earth. We seek to add simplicity to their purchase with clear to understand product that doesn’t sacrifice quality. We believe this fresh take on the segment will resonate with the PC gaming community and look forward to bringing the range to retail starting this summer.”

The new range of PC Gaming Hardware will be available to try at the snakebyte booth at E3 2017, located in OFMR 8109, Concourse Hall.

For more information, follow snakebyte on Facebook, and Twitter.


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