Samsung 470 Series SSD Review

For years Samsung has made hard drives and great hard drives at that, their only problem is most people don’t realize they make hard drives.

Well they do and have been for years in fact if you buy an OEM system chances are it has a Samsung HDD in it. Samsung also has made SSD’s longer than most other storage makers at that and their SSD’s are in my opinion the fastest and most energy efficient of them all.

I recently had the chance to test out the Samsung 470 Series SSD and I think I became slightly more productive on my notebook.

The Samsung 470 Series offers faster write speeds, and read times than traditional HDD’s, in other words it will load your system faster and open larger files quickly.

So how did I test this out? Well I have two identical HP Pavilion DV6 systems both with a standard platter hard drive. I replaced one of the systems hard drives with the Samsung 470 series SSD. Both systems had 4GB of memory and the same Intel Processor.

I then timed their boot up times. From a complete power off to a fully loaded desktop . The DV6 using the traditional plater drive booted up completely in 1 minute 3 seconds. The DV6 system with the Samsung 470 SSD booted up completely in 41 seconds. That is a 22 second improvement.

I followed up that test with my excel test. I have an excel document that is nearly 450 MB in size. I perform two test with this document, the first one is opening it in Excel, and the second involves me opening it in Notepad. Most machines I have used take a good 2 to 5 minutes to open the document in excel and notepad freezes and takes up to 10 minutes for it to open. Notepad just displays gibberish for those wondering.

The dv6 with the traditional platter HDD performed no differently. It took its time opening the file in excel and notepad froze and even crashed twice before it finally opened it on the third try.  However the dv6 with the Samsung 470 SSD opened it in excel quickly less than 10 seconds and notepad never froze it was fun to watch, at least for me.

Because of this rapid read and write times offered with the Samsung 470 SSD I found myself opening large files without having to take a coffee break.  I kid you not I do a lot of graphic work and work with large files, and prior to having the SSD in my system I would open a file walk away and by the time I got back it’s open.  I use to have enough time to get a donut and a drink now I don’t. Maybe I should credit the Samsung 470 SSD for the 10 pounds I’ve lost. I can see the Samsung Ad Campaign now “Not only will we help your employees be productive, but we will help them lose weight too!”

Overall the drive worked great, and on most netbooks and notebooks it’s a simply upgrade, remove 3 screws remove old drive stick new drive in. Yes reinstalling the OS would help along with backing up your data.

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