Review: Samsung RV511 Notebook PC

For the past few weeks, I have had the chance to play with a really sweet system, the Samsung RV511 15 inch Notebook PC.

When I first got the system I admired how great it looked, but then I opened it and was blown even more away. The RV511 has one of the best if not the best LED backlit monitors on the market. The colors seem to just pop off the screen. It is definitely a beautiful display.

I immediately connected my portable Blu-ray player to the RV511 and started watching movies. Seriously the display is gorgeous.

rv511The RV511 is powered by an Intel Core i3 processor 4 GB of memory and Intel HD Graphics.

But a sexy monitor doesn’t tell you if the system can handle the task you throw at it, so like every system I review I used it for a week as my day to day machine.

The first thing I started to do when testing a machine, besides making it my day to day machine, is to see how well it can handle sites like and Facebook, in particular the apps on Facebook such as Farmville and Cityville. I call it the Zynga test. The graphics power required to run sites like that can bring some notebooks to their knees. Especially integrated graphics. You wouldn’t believe how sluggish a system can get when playing Farmville.

But the RV511 handed it like a pro, a combination of the Intel Graphics and Core I3 processor, allowed the RV511 to handle the demands from 2 flash based games.

It also could handle my other day to day task. I installed Office 2010, adobe acrobat and my favorite twitter, messaging apps and web browsers.

I am a multi-tasking animal, I tend to have multiple outlook windows open, 1 for email the other for the calendar. I also have Word open, multiple browser windows with multiple tabs open along with Seesmic and my various messaging programs. Enough to slow a system down to the point where you’d pretty much have to close some programs to free up resources. But with the 4GB of memory offered on the RV511 it handled my abusive ways like a champ.

The RV511 has an HDMI port, so for those of you who like to watch Netflix or in my case on their television, you can do so by simply connecting the notebook to your television via the HDMI port.  But the screen on the RV511 is so vivid you may not want to do that.

There is also a built in webcam that worked great for me when using Skype and oovoo. No problems in Live Messenger or AIM either.

Battery life on the RV511 averaged about 3 hours 40 minutes which is enough to watch a movie and a half to two movies on a cross country flight.

Overall the Samsung RV511is a fantastic system and a must have, it looks great, it performs great and has a fantastic screen.

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