HP Updates Touchsmart Line

HP Today announced new additions to the Touchsmart PC line, that will be available on the 22nd of October when Windows 7 Launches. The two new Touchsmart are the Touchsmart 300 (available 11/1/09) and 600 (10/22/09).

The new touchsmarts have a more polished looked to them but the same design, both are wall mountable and get this the feet on both are removable. In previous Touchsmart PC systems the feet were not removable and would stick out if they hung on a wall. Now you can simply unscrew them from the back.

touchsmartThe Touchsmart 300 is a 20 inch display and the 600 a 23 inch full HD display. Both will run Windows 7 and have an improved UI which makes the touchsmart experience a lot better than the original. I got a chance to play with the new touchsmarts last week and the user interface was 10 times better than the original.

Both the 300 and 600 have a built in web cam that swivels up and down, one problem I had on my touchsmart is I would have to sorta bend down to get my face in front of the camera, but now with the new Touchsmarts you just have to move the camera up and down in the back.

“Since the launch of the first TouchSmart PC nearly three years ago, we’ve worked closely with a growing number of software companies and independent vendors to develop built-for-touch applications that give consumers and businesses rich interactive multimedia experiences. These collaborations have helped to make HP touch computing the most advanced touch experience in the market today.” said James Mouton, senior vice president and general manager, Desktop Global Business Unit, Personal Systems Group, HP.

With the Touchsmart 600 you will also be able to connect a gaming console, or even a cable box and watch television or play video games on your touchsmart easier than before.

I already said the UI has been updated, but they have added some cool new apps to it, such as the Netflix app which will allow you to stream your Netflix insta queue to your Touchsmart, there is also a Pandora and Rhapsody App for Music, a Twitter and Facebook App even a Picture app that will allow you to make cool collages.

My favorite App of all since I am an undercover cook was the recipe app. It works by allowing you to visit your favorite recipe site and pull their recipe onto your touchsmart. It then will read the recipe to you. You can even control it with your voice using an optional bluetooth headset.

The HP Tocusmart 300 will start at $899 ($799 with a little less memory at and will be available on the 1st. The Touchsmart 600 will start at $1049 and will be available on the day Windows 7 Launches October 22nd.

HP also announced a new TX2 starting at $799 which also will be available on the 22nd.

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