Firefox 3.0 Final to be released in June

Wired reports that the final version 3.0 of the popular web browser Firefox is set to be released this June.  Currently, version 3.0 is in beta testing and the latest official release is Firefox 3.0 Beta 4.  According to core members of the Mozilla team, we will see Beta 5 released the first week of April, followed by the first Release Candidate in early May, and finally the final release in June.

Notable changes in Firefox 3.0 include improved privacy features, a redesigned addon and download manager, an enhanced bookmark manager, many changes under the hood, as well as a visual refresh on all platforms.

Firefox is my browser of choice.  I’ve been running Firefox 3.0 beta 4 on both Mac and PC, and I’m liking what I’m seeing.  I really like the enhanced privacy features, which make it easier to identify whether or not the site you are browsing is secure.  I think the new Places Organizer is a nice touch, and I think the new ability to tag and search your bookmarks will come in handy.  For the Mac version, I think the new default theme looks great and I love how Firefox now finally uses native OSX form widgets.

Download: Latest Firefox 3.0 beta (Currently beta 4)


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