Amazon to Address Kindle Fire Problems[1]For those who have recently purchased the brand new Kindle Fire, you may have noticed a lack of proper hardware and software features on the tablet. While the price is dramatically lower than most Android powered tablets or the iPad, it is being criticized by techies as a second-rate piece of equipment. While most non-technical users will find their Kindle Fire to be an excellent distraction, they may be carrying the stigma of a novelty gift more than an actual tool capable of performing powerful functions.

According to CNN, Amazon is hoping to release an operating system upgrade that will fix some of the major issues facing the Kindle Fire. The update will fix some of the problems related to the responsiveness and speed of the touchscreen, as well as give users greater control over the interface. Because the tablet doesn’t feature many external buttons, this upgrade needs to come as soon as possible.

USA Today reports that the tablet has a one-click purchasing system which makes accessing the Amazon market simple. While this may sound convenient, it is quite dangerous if given to a child or teenager who doesn’t know how to properly manage money.

One of the major selling points of the Kindle Fire was the specialized cloud service Amazon was going to provide for it. The digital realty trust they built combines with the specialized Silk browser built specifically for use on their tablet. This is supposed to make it easy for recommendations and access to purchased media content. The major downfall for Amazon came when their browser didn’t work efficiently and provided clunky and unresponsive service.

Another fault Amazon had was their reliance on Wi-Fi connections instead of a constant 3G or 4G network. While offering to store all of your media files in a cloud, Amazon neglected the fact that people might use their devices when not at a hotspot. This gives people who purchase their content directly from the online retailer a huge disadvantage when it comes to playing their content on the go. If you are at an airport, you may have to pay to watch your own movies.

At the end of the day, people are going to purchase to Kindle Fire because it is so much cheaper than the iPad and virtually foolproof. Expect people who didn’t catch onto the wave of fire sale HP tablets to purchase the Kindle Fire in droves. If you are looking for a gift for your child, but worried about possible damage, the Kindle Fire is probably your safest bet if you put privacy and security controls on.

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