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Unboxing the D-Link DIR-685

Today I received the D-Link DIR-685 from D-Link to check out and so far it seems to be a really sweet ass router. I’ll probably have a review within a week or two but before then check out these two videos, an unboxing video and a video on how to install a hard drive onto the DIR-685.

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Unboxing the HP Mediasmart Server EX495

Yesterday I unboxed the newest MediaSmart servers from HP the EX495 which is powered by an Intel Dual Core Pentium Processor (2.5 Ghz) and now with one 1.5 TB drive. The server has the same design as the previous version. We should have a review up in a week or two.

Review: Samsung’s SC-MX20EL Shoot & Share Memory Camcorder

A few weeks back asked me to check out the Samsung SC-MX20EL Camcorder, one of the many refurbished camcorders they offer for sale on their site.

I had given it to Radiris over at to make an unboxing video for me, since everyone enjoys her face more than mine but she fell in love with it and wouldn’t give it back. So I personally didn’t get to play with it much.

But the little that I did play with it, I could tell it was a pretty good camera and hell it seemed brand new. But since Radiris took it, she decided to review it and you can check out here review over at

Review: Seagate Dockstar

A few weeks ago Seagate sent me their new Dockstar, a dock for your FreeAgent Go drives that allowed you to put them onto your network essentially turning them into a NAS.

The idea of it made me smile, the idea of being able to plop my drive in a dock and access it from any system and even remotely made me giggle like a school girl. You guys have no idea how many times I have put data on a portable drive and actually forgot to take the drive with me. So I know some of you may be saying “Whats the point of making it remotely accessible if its a portable drive?” well for the many times I personally left my portable drive at home. 

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Unboxing the Seagate 1TB FreeAgent to go

Segate sent us the FreeAgent GO 1TB external HDD to check out, and before we post a review we thought we would share an unboxing video with you.

WD Releases WD TV Live

Today WD launched the brand new WD TV Live, an upgrade to the WD TV which was released last year on November 3rd. WD sent me the WD TV Live two weeks ago and I have been playing with it non stop.

The WD TV was a cool device that allows you to connect an external hard drive via USB ports to your television and display its content on it. From Pictures to Videos even Music. The device worked pretty well but it lacked one key feature, it was unable to connect to your network and stream content on your network.

Well that flaw has now been fixed with the WD TV Live. The WD TV Live delivers the same great features as the WD TV but it now can connect to your network and pull content from your network as well as any storage device connected to it and display it on your television.

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HP Updates Touchsmart Line

HP Today announced new additions to the Touchsmart PC line, that will be available on the 22nd of October when Windows 7 Launches. The two new Touchsmart are the Touchsmart 300 (available 11/1/09) and 600 (10/22/09).

The new touchsmarts have a more polished looked to them but the same design, both are wall mountable and get this the feet on both are removable. In previous Touchsmart PC systems the feet were not removable and would stick out if they hung on a wall. Now you can simply unscrew them from the back.

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Need for Speed Shift. Best Car Racing Game in a While!

I am a huge Gran Turismo Fan, in fact I own a Playstation 3 just so that I could play the GT Prologue and the new GT game that is coming out. Never did I think any other game could compare. But EA has litterally taken car racing games to the next level with Need for Speed Shift.

The graphics and details in the game are amazing and so realistic you feel as if you are inside the car. So realistic, and may I add a true story–my neighbor literally thought I had a car in my apartment. 

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jQuery and SharePoint Hacks

So recently I’ve been playing with jQuery and integrating it in to Sharepoint for basic AJAX functionality in places. Jan Tielens has some great posts to help get started in the area, a personal favorite of mine so far is his post for doing inline search located here: Search as you type with jQuery.

However, I’ve gone ahead and extended his great baseline code a bit for if you want to view full search results instead of just the top few results. Read on for the code changes.
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Turn your iPhone into a Clickfree backup drive

ClickFree this week came out with a new product the Clickfree Transformer SE. The Transformer SE will transform your external harddrive and even your iPod or iPhone into a Clickfree backup drive.

How doe sit work? Well you connect your External Drive or iPod/iPhone to the Clickfree Transformer SE, then you plug it into your computer and the ClickFree application will automatically start up. Just tell it what to back up and that’s it.

But is it as easy as it sounds?

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